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Some big fish

Mike, Mitch & Joy Kuzma (respectively) show their big fish after a day of fishing on Bledsoe Creek.



from our reunion, August, 2014
This is a group photo of our 2014 family reunion. We had a lot of the family from out of town attend this reunion. We hope to have another reunion soon.

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Where are all the big fish?

Do you want to catch a lot of big fish? Bledsoe Creek on Old Hickory lake is the place to go. Bledsoe Creek has been an outstanding place for us to fish, even during the hottest weather. There are a lot of places to fish on Old Hickory lake but Bledsoe Creek is where we spend all our fishing time.

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The KBK Bass Anglers

  • Image Mitch Kuzma
    A big fish catching angler
  • Image Joy Kuzma
    The best lady angler in Tennessee
  • Image Mike Kuzma
    Hard working angler

KBK and how it all started

    The letter “K” was derived from the Greek mammal “Kortez” which means Shooting-Bird. The “Kohtax” has long been extinct, however the name has been given to the very gifted in later years. Over time the name has changed from “Kohtax” to “Kootax”, to “Koozax”, to “Koonzax”, to “Koonax”, to Koonass, then to “Kuzmas” and later to “Kuzma” which we have today. There are many throughout the world that hold the name “Kuzma” and in the late 1800s a local southern family from Redneckistan picked up the name. There was “Ever Jewel “Kuzma”, John “Kuzma” and two sons named Mitch and Mike “Kuzma”. These two sons, now living in the southeast took up the habit of water fishing. They got so involved in this sports that they invited their friends and relatives to join in. The first relative that happen to really enjoy this sports as well was their uncle Bob “Brundige”. The two “Kuzma Boys”, as they’re called now and their uncle Bob Brundige started doing this fishing sports often and became very skilled at it. They became so good at this sports they entered tournaments and made up bets every time they went fishing. Then one day, as they were sipping ale over a warm fire after a full fishing day they all came up with an idea. “let’s have our own fishing Association” one said. The others agreed and then they ask, “what are we going to call our association”? At that very time Bob Brundige was sitting between the two Kuzma boys. Then Mitch said “let’s name our association ”Kuzma, Brundige, Kuzma. Mike said “that won’t work, it’s too long”. Bob then said “how about KBK, after our names”. They all agreed and that’s how KBK was formed.